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If You Build A Website, They Will Come – it’s a nice idea, but simply not true when it comes to internet marketing.

You could simply submit your site to all the search engines (expecting users to find you); that approach is akin to stapling handbill flyers on all the posts in your area. Yes, somebody may stumble upon your advert, but it’s not the smart way to base all your advertising.


Ethical and smart SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not as straightforward and easy as you may have been led to believe. There is a lot you can do on your own (and many site owners try to save money by doing it on their own), but you also risk hurting your ranking chances if you don't know exactly how to take the best target marketing approach for your goals.

Place one piece of the SE [Search Engine] puzzle in the wrong place, and your online presence could become a ghost town of inactivity -- and there are a lot of pieces to the endless search engine puzzle.

While you may save yourself a little bit of money doing your own SEO at first, you may be costing yourself a small fortune in potential business and top desired traffic in the long run.

VISEO - Vancouver Island SEO - is your professional and affordable solution to give your websites their strongest search engine ranking results success.

We strictly employ ethical White Hat optimization techniques only, and have a zero tolerance policy on any black hat SEO usage.


Website CMS & SEO

NIV opened up a fantastic vape store in our local area, but were in desperate need of a manageable website which could constantly expand to meet their new product lines.

We have just finished the main shell, and are adding in detailed SEO in stages. The site is now live if you want to check out or follow the progress



"My company name is now out there for everyone to see, and you have given me rankings to be proud of. Your professionalism and the speed in which you optimized and got results on the site is remarkable."

Patrick Belanger    
n9ne creative    

"Our rankings have since climbed to number one position for every search phrase we were targeting.

Bill was extremely helpful and responsive to each and every question I had throughout the process and it was a genuine pleasure to deal with him. Not only is he knowledgeable in the very specific field of Search Engine Optimization but he processes a keen understanding of marketing and sales.

I have, and will continue to recommend Vancouver Island SEO without reservation to all business associates seeking the best possible marketing results from this fascinating field."

Chris Walker    
Christopher Developments Inc.    

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